Our new Favorite Crêperie.

A few days ago, I started researching cheap eats in Paris because, well, I'm a college student, and so are all my friends, so cheap eats are a must. Well, we were in the mood for crêpes the other day, and I stumbled upon this gem: Crêperie Oroyona.

Imagine your perfect Parisian cafe: mini, filled with delicious aromas, Parisian youths, and mini stairs. That is Crêperie Oroyona. It is perfect in every sense, and we love it so much. It's located in the 5th arrondissement right next to the most beautiful little bookshop where I bought the BFG in french, as well as John Green's Looking for Alaska in french. I couldn't help myself. I can never help myself around books.

So, we love this place. We love the 5th. It's wonderful.

Love always,

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