Random Encounters with Old Frenchmen.

Here's a funny story for your Sunday.

Our little morning walks group consists of 5 people nowadays. There used to only be four of us: Jared, Rachel, Alex, and me (side note: we love having five and love that Linda joins us).
Left to Right: Jared, me, Rachel, Alex, Seine, Boat.
The four of us are the cast of characters for most of my stories- that's what happens when you spend everyday together. Here is the story:
So, we are sitting at a wonderful little restaurant on Rue Cler, waiting for our food, enjoying the Paris sun, good conversation, and many a laugh. We are seated thus:

Alex || Rachel
Emma || Jared 

As we talk, a French man comes up to us. This man does not seem to be homeless. He seems like a normal, well dressed, kind, old Frenchman -- nothing out of the ordinary. He touches Alex's arm and begins speaking in French, telling her something about how it's  a shame, that she shouldn't be in love with Jared, that he's probably a nice guy, but she shouldn't be in love with Jared. Why is she in love with Jared? It's all such a shame. Rachel and I are trying to hold in our copious amounts of laughter, as Alex tries to act as though this is totally normal and she knows 100% what the frenchman is saying (which she doesn't, because she's not Jared and doesn't understand French perfectly). Jared, meanwhile, is sitting, a bit mystified at the whole scenario, as he listens to this old man profess Alex's apparently undying love for him. 

When the frenchman stops prattling  Alex's response is, "Oui. Il est très beau." That's all she could muster out without laughing, and really all she could think to say, in general. We think we're rid of this man, but he walks up to Jared, puts his hand on Jared's arm and essentially says, "Good luck, you handsome young man." Then walks away. 

And just like that, we all erupt into laughter over the entire situation. 

We still have no idea why this man felt the need to stop by our table and tell Alex her love was misplaced, but maybe he just could see the innermost places of Alex's soul and Alex isn't sharing everything with us. 

I suppose it's possible. 

Lucky for the old Frenchman, Jared is dating neither me nor Rachel, which would seem like the more obvious choice considering the seating arrangement.... That would have created some awkward moments. 

Love always,


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