Happy Sunday, Folks.

Happy Sunday, internet friends.

As I was flying into JFK airport today I had a thought that relates to this Mormon Message video (one that is possibly my favorite Mormon Message).

You see, as we were flying in, I was looking at all of the houses and from a high altitude, a heavenly view perhaps, everything looked relatively the same. I could not tell the difference in class and wealth, they all looked like nice houses and I thought, "I'm sure good people live there". Sure, the houses were different shapes and sizes, but they all looked relatively the same- like houses. It wasn't until we got closer to the ground that I could tell a difference in wealth between the houses. How like life that is.

When we are close to the ground, heavily influenced by worldly possessions and descriptions of worth, it's easy to tell a difference between different people. It's easy to judge; however, when we try and view people from a heavenly perspective, when we look at their self-worth as our Heavenly Father would, we begin to see fewer and fewer differences. We realize that God loves all of his children as precisely that, his children. He does not discriminate based on wealth, religion, race, appearance-- he simple loves everyone. To him, they are all children, just as to me, flying high above, all the houses were just house. And that's such a splendid thought to me. God is our loving father. He is a father who cares for all of us. He cares about the tiny things we think nobody cares about. He wants us to be happy, and He's trying his very hardest to lead us to that happiness- it's different for everyone.

 I'm going to try and remember this with every person I met. Because while I've known it's true for a long time, it's always hard to implement in real life. I know we're all children of God, and I'm so thankful for that knowledge, and for God's love.

Oh, it is wonderful to me.

 Love always, Ems

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