When the Best Friend Returns. . .

We party.

My very best friend in the entire world got home from his mission on May 15th, 2014, and it was extraordinary. Zac Velarde, being the good friend he is, sent me snapchats of the entire airport meeting, because I threatened to hurt him if he didn't. Oddly enough, my heart was pounding when Velarde told me they were waiting for him, and then I was elated when I got these first two snaps.

But the burst of happiness came when I got the picture of the two best friends united after two long, hard years of separation. It was always hard to hear Velarde talk about how much he missed Zack because something about their friendship just sort of pulls at my heart- they really are the best of friends. It's like at our high school graduation, I only started crying when I saw the two of them hug and tear up.

Anyway. I got to go out ATVing with Zack's family the day after he got home. He taught me how to drive, and while I'm no expert, it was pretty darn fun. Personally, I think we really rock the helmets like nobody's business. #thuglife

Then, for Memorial Day, the Jarvis family was gracious enough to invite my roommates and myself down to their cabin in Munds Park for the extended weekend, and we had such a blast. It was the perfect weekend. We played a lot of Michigan Poker (and had a game where Zack lost ALL of his chips which I have never seen happen), rode around on the ATVs, played LOTS of volleyball, and told some pretty ridiculous jokes. Oh, and ate lots and lots of good food. Which is always a big plus in life. Also, can I take a moment to say how much I adore my roommates? There is never a dull moment in this apartment, and we all get along amazingly well. We're supportive of each other, we laugh, we cry, we party, it's just the best, and everyday I'm thankful. Also, we really missed Cicily on our trip, she went home for the weekend. 

So yes, life has been a party since Zachary William got home from his mission. It's still a bit unreal that I can just ring him on the telephone and talk to him whenever I want. It seems like eternity has passed, and at the same time, it seems like he never left- we're still that good of friends.

Friends are what make the world a better place. I'm convinced of that. Luckily, I've been blessed with some of the very best and everyday, I just wonder how I got so lucky- I guess God must really love me or something. #boohya. But in all serious, I'm so thankful for these people in my life. They make everyday better, brighter, funnier, and more exciting. I'd be pretty lost without them.

Life is good.

Love always,

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