Why I'll Never Say I'm not a Feminist Again.

My good friend Caroline posted this advertisement on her Facebook the other day, and ever since, I haven't been able to skip it when it comes up on my YouTube, let alone get through it without crying a little bit.

All through my high school career, I professed that I WAS NOT under any circumstances a feminist. Little did I know, I just had the wrong idea about feminism. Being a feminist doesn't mean you don't support stay-at-home-moms, it doesn't mean you hate men, it doesn't mean you're a bad person. Quite the contrary. To me, being a feminist means that women should be able to be whatever they want. So my friend wants to be a lawyer and I want to stay at home, that's great! We can both do that and be outstanding examples of femininity. Being a feminist means you want girls to believe in themselves. You want women to love themselves and every part of their bodies and personalities. Being a feminist means that we form a network of women who love and support one another.

The beautiful thing about this advertisement is that it empowers women. It shows us that there was a point in our lives when we believed in ourselves, and thought that we could do anything as good as the next person because we were girls. It reminds us to believe in ourselves like our ten year-old self did.

And that is why I'll never say I'm not a feminist again. I believe in all those things. I believe women should be able to go out and achieve whatever they want. More importantly, I want my daughters to know that they can win the race, they can be a scientist or a doctor, and they can excel at whatever it is they want to.

Love always,

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Emily Hubbard said...

THANK YOU! When I tell people I consider myself somewhat of a feminist they're sometimes appalled, because of what they think feminism has warped into. Let's not let the man-haters (and WOMAN-haters, I might add) change the true definition of feminism... Femininity is a powerful force and women can and should do whatever they want to do!