Choir and FRIDAY

{Oh my dear music...}
Kay, seriously, can I just say choir and I are having an affair??? {p.s. stole this line from one of my best girlies} Seriously, I love it beyond pretty much anything! {Excluding family, best friends, and Jane Austen} Anyways, we had our choir concert today and I think we did pretty well! I know all the other choirs were FABULOUS and I'm so pround to be a Toro and have such an amazing choir program! Seriously, I think all the time about how blessed I am to live in Mesa and go to Mountain View! Although is't a MAJOR pain and SUPER RIDICULOUSLY hard at times, it's such a good school! And I'm so happy that choir has amazing people in it who make my life so wonderful and happy! AH! I'm just so grateful for it! I look forward to choir every single stinkin day and I always think, "Just get me to choir already!" That's how our Love Affair is going! What do YOU have a love affair with??? :)
Secondly, my dear dear dear friend is coming down form California on Friday and I AM DYING to see him and hangout with him!!! You have noooooo idea! Like seriously, I think my friends are going to shoot me if I continue telling them when he's coming! :) I can't hold it in though! I'm so so so so so so so sooooooo happy to see him! Plus, he gets to join the {Toro Nation} for a night and come to our Homecoming parade, and game! :) If you see me daydreaming with a huge smile on my face.... you know who I'm thinking about..... :)
I almost forgot!!! {thirdly!!!} So tonight.... after the choir concert.... this certain person came up to m and gave me hug and I about died! :) hehehe. It was kinda an awkward side hug... of you need that definition, it's here {HUGS!}
Yup, lots of loves! More tomorrow! Signing off very happily!
Loves always,

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rachel schlappi said...

firstly who is this man that gave you a hug. are you having an affair with him as well??? hahah love you

oh, and i am definitely having an affair with ice cream. and or food in GENERAL.
love you!