Happy {Happy} Fun {Fun}

Oh goodness gracious... Where do I even begin??? So this weekend was crazy wonderful! Crazy crazy wonderful! After school on Friday my 'Little Sister' and I went to pick up my dearest friend at his brothers house and pretty much I was dying of excitement all the way over there! :) When I finally got to see him he gave me the biggest hug EVER that I love love loved and it made me so happy! Oh goodness, pretty sure I didn't stop smiling at all that night! :) we helped with the parade and then the homecoming game and then he, my fave chem friend, and later 'little sis' joined me at my house and we watched Pride and Prejudice. Neither of the boys complained so I was like, We're watching it! :) hehe. Silly boys didin't know what they were getting into. That movie makes me so happy, it's ridic! :) After I dropped everyone off and took home dear California Friend and that was super sad! Cause now he's like thousands of miles away again. :(
Saturday was the dance which was SOOO fun! I went with one of my BFFs who I've known forever and we had sooo much fun! He was a fabulous date too! Like really really good, I was very impressed! It was wonderful seeing everyone all fancy-schmancy. :)
Sunday was wonderful with conference and relaxation and best friend time. :) Then I went and cheated at Michigan poker on a Sunday! hehe. "it's like sinning times eight!" haha. but I didn't know I was cheating.... so that's okay, isn't it?? Anyways, poker is super fun! I probably shouldn't say that.... woops. :)
Then yesterday... I was sick. yuck. But it was made better by my favorite chem friend cause he was super nice and said he missed me and pretty much texted me during the whole school day! So pretty much all yesterday I slept... and slept. And then went to english where I almost cried... NBD.
But today I went back to school and sounded like a smoker! YAY! I am feeling about a thousand times better though I just sound like a smoker and have a tendency to cough up a lung-NBD. But my choir buddy was sick today and I missed her tons! And one of our other choir buddies has SWINE! Sad day! Anyways, chem was probably the greatest thing today cause instead of doing homework favorite chem friend and I looked at all his super funny pics on his phone! I think I about died of laughter! Then we pick Batman with a Fork for his background! He's kinda obsessed with Batman. It's fabulous! :)
Orchestra concert tonight! And homework! And sleep! Horrah for sleep! Oh how I love how you make me feel better!
Have a wonderful day everyone! :)

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