Oh Dear Me!

So... this week. hehe.It was crazy, that's the only way to summarize it. And actually... it's been like two weeks....
Or forever... I have no idea... So I'll just revisit some fun recent happenings! :) Well... this week was stressful. And not so fun! But it's over!!! YAY!!!! And now I'm onto Homecoming week! And I'm so very excited!!! We have lunchtime activities all week at school and then... HOMECOMING!!!! And on Friday, my dear dear friend is coming down from California and seriously, I'm peeing my pants with excitement!!!!! Like really... you've no idea! :) And the homecoming dance is going to be sooooo much fun!!! And setting up the gym will be..... haha. It'll be a long, fun day of stuco! Oh how I love stuco! :) Anyways, that's looking ahead and I'm supposed to be going backwards... So here we go! ZOOM! Saturday {as in yesterday} was our HOMECOMING DAY ACTIVITY!!! So much fun! We went to the mud caves and got... well... muddy! hehe. It was crazy dark and slippery and kinda chilly! But then you got shimmying down chimneys and climbing ridiculously high things and let me tell ya... not so chilly anymore! :) Also, there was this scout troop there so my date and I started to go out off on our own with this other couple and I accidentally led us onto this CLIFF!!! Not even kidding, I saw my life flash before my eyes! And so I'm sitting there praying I don't fall of when this twelve-year-old scout starts hitting on me!!! Not even kidding! He was like, "I think you're beautiful, can I have your number?" NBD, right? hehe. Right. I just thought, "In your dreams scouto" and moved on with not falling off the cliff! :) {I didn't fall, btw} \ Friday... I LEARNED HOW TO PLAY POKER!!! I'm not quite sure I should be proud of that... but I am! My friends taught me how to play Michigan Poker and I really stink at it but it's super fun! Funny story: So we were going around for poker and I THOUGHT I had a full house because I had four clovers and three spades {I don't call them by the right name cause I don't know it, don't judge, kay?} Anyways, I thought I was so going to win this had so I like tripled the wager, NBD I was sure I was going to win! But then they get back around to me and it's my turn to put my hand down and I slap it down all confidently and my friend, Zack, {the one teaching me and some other rookies} looks at the cards, then me, and starts laughing! Cause I didn't have a full house, or three of a kind, or ANYTHING!!! Lamesauce, right? That's what I thought! I'm glad you agree! :) Last Saturday: I can't even remember... how ridic is that? Let me think for a moment...Oh wait, I did homework ALL DAY! Ya, I'm super fun! Don't even worry about it! Last Friday: CHORAL RETREAT!!!! Yipee! So much fun! I just love choir so stinkin much! Like really, it is my favoritest thing at school! Even better than stuco cause I don't have Scott-Scott lecturing! Plus, I now sit infront of probably the funniest girl I know-Rachel!!!! She is the best the end. period. no comment. :) Anyways, back to Friday, we played this super awkward game called keys becuase Mr. Schreiber loves awkward stuff! He's an awkward man! And then, after we had a motivational speaker who was pretty much Brian Regan, no joke! And if you don't know who that is, you're life is a failure! Look him up. Like now. go. And then... this is the best part.... My best friend Alexandra came and slept over with me since I was home ALL ALONE!!! And Rachel cam over at midnight to watch the Devil Wears Prada. She left at 2:30 am. No big deal, No Big Deal. :) It was her bday, so it really was great. She spent the first few hours of her 18th bday with us! She's fantastic! Oh! Other big news!!! Our pebble dresses came! AKA Choral dress but betterly known and from now and forever called the Pebble Dress! :) AND! I got CATCHING FIRE!!!! YAY!!! I came home and my mom had bought it for me and wrote me an adorable note saying how much she loved me! Don't you love moms? They're definenitly the best thing ever created! Adam would have been a total loser without Eve! Thank goodness the Lord knows what he's doing! And, for mutual, we made some spiders for the temple lights decorations and pretty much, it made me soooooo excited for winter time! And I just love the temple, and lights, and christmas time, and coldness, and snuggling in warm blankets with cute boys.... did I just say that? :) I'm SOOOOO excited for winter time! Please come fast, kay? Thanks! :) So, pretty much, life is fantastic, and this is a super long post... so If you read it all.... A. You're a super fantastic friend who I love lots B. You're a total creeper stalker and you should probably stop stalking me RIGHT NOW {my dad is a lawyer} or C. You're extremly bored, and in that case, I've been in your position. :) In any case {except B, this doesn't apply to you B people} I congratulate you! :) And thanks, you're probably amazing! :) loves loves! -Ems

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rachel schlappi said...

yay i made your blogg!!!!! seriously this made me so extremely happy twice. i am definitely in it 2 times on the same post. im positive everyone should be jealous. seriously. im cool. or you are. yeah thats it.
also, i waaant to me this manfriend of yours you are talking about.
also also, its fantastic that you still sit in front of me. srsly. love it. party in the corner by the walls.
anywhoo i love you and your blog is adorable!!