{Pinky Finger}

Today in orchestra, my stand partner and I were discussing the many stresses of Junior life...sigh...but then we decided to practice some more so we didn't fail our playing test tomorrow and bring our B grade lower...{Ya, I have a B in orchestra... How ridic?! We kinda enjoy talking to much... :)} Anyways, After a little bit, she turns to me and says, "My Pinky hurts!!!"
...Yup. That stinky pinky....
I laughed.
So, then tonight, I was practicing again.... and my pinky started hurting too! I thought she was crazy! But I guess not! Does anybody know any pinky exercises??

Some more good news! I stopped my procrastinating and actually worked on my English project!!! Yipee for not be so so so good at procrastinating!!!! :) But now I have a problem...
If this blogging thing becomes as fun as writing in my journal.... It'd be no good... cause I'm pretty much addicted to my journal.... I know, I'm a freak! But I know you all love me! :) And guess what?
{P.S. The above pic has nothing to do with this post.... I just love it. Just like I love you. :)}


Chloe said...

haha, your posts are funny :) and cute pictures!

Kaitlyn Dwiggins said...

EMMA! you are so stinking cute and I love you!!!! I love your blog, I'm glad I found it! YAY!