And then the {good} times come

{Love my girls!}
It's always good to be able to catch up on sad things and make them happy. :) So, although my friends were sad today, they actually improved and were rather happy by the end of the day, which made me extremely VERY happy. :)
And so I've hit a blogging road block.... snap! I thought I was going to have this amazing post but then BAM! It's a roadblock!

But I've had epiphany! :0 So have you ever had a song that you just love so much and you want to sing it at the top of your lungs! Well I have found my song like that! :) It's called Good Morning Beautiful and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! Like seriously, I just want to go everywhere singing it at the top of my lungs to anyone who could hear me! :) I want my husband to wake me up with a kiss and say that to me every morning. :) It's so very adorable and ah.... I just don't know what say other than I LOVE it! :)

Oh, how could I forget?! Calsta and I had some fun/funny times on our way to finish our online classes!!!! :) bahaha! It's done forever!!!! Shout praises to the Heavens above!!! :) Anyways, the greatest quote ever today, {c-calsta and e-emma}
C:"It's one of those moments when you get to Heaven and you'll meet her and laugh at the funny and awkward times!"
E: "Calsta! Where did that come from???"

As I burst into fits of laughter. She was also very amazed by Skittles Crazy Colors. If you have not tried them, they are the very best! :) They CHANGE FLAVORS!!! They're so very yummy!

Today was a good day. And ended on a fabulous one. :) Plus, I always know it's a good day when I hear I'm Yours {TWO} times before I head to school and then twice at night before my day is ended in the most fabulous manner. :) Oh How I do adore this sweet thing called Life and Love and the whole crazy game that we play. :) I'm so totally hopelessly romantic, but I just can not help it. I love love and everything about it and having people love you and you love them and I'm so totally rambling on and on but... Oh well, it's a happy rambling. I love you life! And I love you person reading my blog! Thank you! :) Hugs and kisses! :)
Love Always,


youknowwho said...

I love you tooooo!
-You know who :)

rachel schlappi said...

good morning beautiful... how was your night. mine was wonderful with you by my siiide and i open my eyes, and see your sweet faaace. its a good morning beautiful dayy!

love that song.
it reminds me of my uncle like 4 years ago :).

ps. your blog is amazing
and i MUST try those skittles
and and i love you :)