When {sad} Things Happen

{Definitely my favorite picture of Christ-courtesy of Mark Mabry}
So, I try to stay positive all the time, right? right. So normally I succeed, and I can make life seem rather jolly even if I'm TOTALLY faking it, which I do a lot. But sometimes, sad things in life just happen, because that's how Heavenly Father has planned. This is one amazing thing about the gospel that I love, he knows everything, and knows all our pains and sadness, and he's put all those feelings and bad things here for a reason. I always think back to this amazing quote that my ninth grade seminary teacher gave to us about how Christ's suffering for us was individualized-completely. Every little thing.
I'm thinking of this cause I have some friends who had a very sad thing happen. A close death of someone you admire, and love, and look up to is always the hardest thing. And it seems to suck the life out of those affected by the death. However, as I've been sitting here thinking, and talking to my friends, I remember Christ, and how he is there for us, always looking out, and loving us, and trying to bring us back home. That always brings me such comfort, especially since I know, that it is times of sadness and disappointment when he is nearest to us. And what a comfort that is.
Really, this gospel is the greatest thing in my life, and I could not be more thankful for it. I know that as my friends struggle through this hard time, they will be comforted knowing that he is in a better place, and free of pain. And someday, they'll get to see him, and thank him for all that he did for them. And that will be a sweet day, such a very sweet day.
Love Always,

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