Well, since it's seven o'clock on a Friday night and I am currently home alone I thought it would be a great time to post some random thoughts. A sort of rambling on my part. :) So I have my facebook photo unloader as I go and some wonderful Pandora playing, and off we go! :)

So currently, I'm in love with this picture of my best friend and me:

{Made all the better by fabulous b&w editing:)}

I don't know why I love it, I just do. :) Probably cause I just love my dearest Lizzie tons! I also am listening to this song by Regina Spektor {btw totally loving her right now too} called 'Blue Lips' and it's fabulous! There's also this other song by her tittled 'Eet' that I LOVE! I'm also in love with this movie right now {Like WAY in love}:

{isn't this an awesome pic??}
It doesn't help that Shane West is DANG gorgeous and it's like a ridiculously sad movie {I love sad movies for some reasons} and that it's super romantic and just soooooo absolutely wonderful. hehe. It reminds me of the very first boy I like in ninth grade because I watched it at his house and i was FREAKING out that he was going to hold my hand. hahaha. He didn't, and I was sad, but happy, cause I would not have known what to do. Oh those days of knowing nothing. :) Anyways, I LOVE this movie, 'nuff said.
I also am a fan of cuddling right now.... oh wait, that's always. :) Moving on....
I'm laughing at my neardiness cause I have a stack of about seven books on my desk right now that I bought In Portland and I'm dying to read them ALL but I have to clear up my schedual so that I can. But I absolutely {love} books! I read like three over the break and I thought I had died and gone to heaven, no joke. I'm also laughing really hard cause one of the books is a book full of Poe's poems... i'm weirdly obsessed with him all of the sudden. Mrs. Martin's love for his creepiness finally caught up with him and I'm {dying} to crack it open and begin analyzing it's wonderfulness. :) In memory of Poe we need a pic, of course:):

{he's a total creeper but you GOTTA love him!}

I'm thinking right now that I'm so super happy for my wonderful friends that I have! Like seriously I couldn't ask for better friends! They're so amazing and we have the {greatest} times together, you've no idea. If you're not hanging with my friends and me, you should for sure be way super jealous! :)

And since I'm looking through all my pics there are a few I must post! Like bahaha! They make my day a million times over whenever I look at them, so I'm sharing the happiness! :)

So pretty much, life is great. :) So very great right now! I'm finally off to go on an adventure with a very good friend of mine and then who knows what the night will bring! Have a fabulous Friday night! :) And life is great, just always remember that, okay? :)
Love Always,

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