It is so wonderful of the kind people of Mesa Schools to let us have a week of break! :) I was DYING to get out of school for a bit! My family wasted no time getting out of town and by 4 p.m on Friday, we were out of here! We headed up to Utah to do family pics and see brothers! I love my brothers so much! :) Then we headed to Idaho on Sunday where I was introduced to second cousins and although I did not want to meet them at first I ended up LOVING them all! {Even though they're totally a buch of Idaho boys.... haha. Except Becca, she was just bomb!} Then we went to rainy Oregon and enjoyed the biggest bookstore in the world! :) And I'm really lame and didn't take out my camera ONCE! Oh wait, lie! I did! I have one funny pic of my brother that I'll post..... now. :){He's in a cave.... being... well, being himself!}
Later we visited my Uncle Jim and golly, it was just rather fun! I am very happy to be home though! Last night there was a football game and we totally KILLED Highland! NBD, we're just the best! :)
Today was PSAT...um... moving on! :) But tonight I'm hanging out with best chem friend!!! I can not wait! I'm so very very excited!
Anyways, I have this super funny story that actually has pictures!!! So I took my Little sister to ask my really good friend to Winter {she was asking him, not me} Anyways, so I had a car full of Sophomore girls and after, being the creeper I am, I said,"Let's go stalk him at his soccer practice!" NBD, they just loved it and were so excited. I must admit, I'm totally pro stalker so.... it was ridic easy to stalk him at soccer. :) So we parked and then climbed in the back of Roxanne and watched him at soccer practice!
{In the back of Roxanne, sorry, it's blurry.}
We were totally stalking him! {This is his car... and my little sis...and it's really dark...sorry}
And we got the greatest stalker pics ever!!! Like this one:

{He's the one who is not so super blurry}
And this one....

{team going back to it after a drink break}
Don't even worry, I was just teaching them the basics, and I do it all the time, NBD! My little sister is almost as good as me now cause I take her so much! I'm SUCH a good example! :) hehe.
Love Always,

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The stalking reminds me of something. . .;)