So, I didn't know what to post about, so I asked a friend. After MUCH slow thought on his part, he said cellos. So here it is, cellos. :)
Let me just say, I totally should have played the cello in fourth grade! I have no idea what I was thinking...Obviously, I wasn't thinking...Anyways, I LOVE the cello! It is probably the most gorgeous thing on the face on this Earth... Other than some certain people's voices combined with the guitar and the piano. :) Continuing on... :) I play the violin, which just doesn't fit since I'm an alto.... but I do love Cello. Which I've said about five times. :) What else can I say a about it? I want to meet Yoyo ma. Or however you spell his name... which some people have never heard of... Or I wish I could play my violin Joshua Bell or Itzack Pearlman. :) Some people in their knowledge of classical music artist... geesh. hehe. Tomorrow is school.... not so fun! But Mondays are good for one reason though.... :) hehe. And if you don't know who those people are... look them up. :)
Love always,
{PS this post is kinda nonsense, whatevs! :)}

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