Those Moments...

{This was a GRAND little moment.}

Ya know when life just hands you those little moments and you say,

"Oh life! I love you and your random happy moments!"
I had one of those today. Maybe a few of them, and it just made my day. Like in chemistry today, I sat on my desk all hour and my chemistry teacher said nothing and I was happy! Then I fell off my chair while doing my homework at the computer in chemistry and my best chemistry friend just looked at me, and we both laughed. and it was grand. I love the little moments of life that are just random, and happy, and fun, and so grand. I do believe there is nothing better. :)Plus, it rained today, and it was AMAZING weather! Can life get any better???? I testify that it can not! :) Tomorrow is Thursday is the Tops day! So that means a top ten list will be heading out! Have a wonderful Wednesday! And,
love the little moments! :)


Chloe said...

Aww! Your so cute! I love reading your blog!!

Kaitlyn Dwiggins said...

Emma! Your blog is just too cute, and you make me so happy! And I 100% agree with you.. the weather rocks right now!