{Awake?} Yup, I'm thinking so!

I couldn't answer this question if i wanted to... Well jk, that's a total lie. I know why I'm awake! I'm supposed to be doing my English homework but my brain zonked out and I quit. So i got on good 'ole FB and then decided to blog! Yay for blogging! It also doesn't help that I have a billion plus things running through my mind... hehe.

I don't really want to blog about recent happenings, I'll wait for tomorrow to do that. So I'm just going to ramble on a little bit more. Did you know I love ice cream and pictures and cuddling, and kissing lots and lots? hm... yup, I do. nbd. Maybe I shouldn't have just said that, but it's kinda one a.m. and I'm thinking that I'm actually not really thinking. Wow, I'm wonderful and making my thoughts into words.

Oh, quote of the day today! AL told me today as I was talking about blogging, "If you don't want the whole world to know about your life then don't blog about it." Or something along those lines. It was funny. and made me laugh. hehe. Also, I've decided that English is gay. can we all just speak in pictures, please? okay, thanks. :) Signing off with a picture to frame my thoughts.
{Love this movie TONS}
Love always,
{p.s. can a boy please do this for me? oh wait... just be Noah, or Darcy, or Colonal Brandon, and I'll love you forever, nbd}
{p.p.s. So remember how I said I like kissing lots? I'm not a bad girl, I promise! I just like the little cute kisses, ya know?just the little cutsie ones!Promise. :)}

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