Welp, it's kinda five thirty in the morning and I decided since I didn't want to go back to sleep for like fifteen minutes I'd just post cause A. I'm not tired and B. I'd rather post now than today after school when I should be doing homework. :) Anyways, I've been up since four doing homework so that's why I'm up, not because I couldn't sleep. I actually had a really great dream about something good... can't remember. All I remember is that Devin Timothy showed up at my house to go do baptisims with Caleb {but Caleb turned him down} and then I gave him a big hug and he told me that I hugged really tight... hahah. I have no idea why Devin Timothy was in my dream, probably about the randomest thing ever....

Anyways, I'm finally going to upload the pictures from temple week! We went on Tuesday and did baptisims and I must say, we got two super cute pictures! :) Exhibit A: Calsta, Me, and Chris. I look super short in this picture because Cali was standing on the little fountain edge and Chris.. well he's just really tall....

Exhibit B: Pretty much two words: SUPER ADORABLE. I love this pic of Calsta and me so very much, she is definently one of the best girls in the whole world! Love her! :)

So yes, temple week was wonderful, and I loved every moment of it. :)

Weekend report part 1:
Friday we had a home game that we lost by three points! SOOOOO frusterating! I helped with the bullpen which was very much lacking in numbers but we passed out glow sticks that people seemed to enjoy! However, they didn't know they were three years old and kinds not working... hehe. Oh well! I hung out with Mr. R at the game and we spied on little sister throughout all of it... she was with 'her boy'. Oh how I love her! :) It was super freezing all game and after Mr. R and I went to the park where it was even more freezing! We were going to have a fun photoshoot but it was way too cold! :( But we still had lots of fun! :) Especially with Wayne's seat heaters! hehe

Part 2:
Haloween day was chore time and homework th=ime! Oh the joy! jk. but then I went backwards trick-or-treating with my friends which was so very fun! And we watched Red Eye which was super intense.... craziness. A very fabulous night overall. However, I only got one picture... But it's a picture of the two people I love pretty much more than life! :) So it counts as about a million pics! :) drumroll please.....
I'm glad to introduce Grandma Allen and Grandma Fitz! :) Yup, they're my best friends! Love them very dearly! :)

Probably I'm thinking I should go get ready for school now... so I think I will! I hope everyone has a wonderful day today! It is Monday, and honestly, Mondays are rather fabulous! :) So have an amazing day!
Love Always,

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