Best Song {ever}

This is the Christ. This is defiantly the song I want to sing at the top of my lungs to everyone who can hear. It seems to solidify my testimony every time I hear it and especially today in church, it was so amazing.

Go {here} to listen to this amazing song.

Pretty much, church was the most amazing thing today. I love that I have the opportunity to go to church each Sunday and feel such an amazing spirit. It for sure is the highlight of my week. Every week. Also, this week I get to go do baptisims on Sunday and I could not be more excited1 I love the temple so very much and will just devour any opportunity I have to go inside. Who wouldn't? It is such a calm and peaceful place and I really would never do anything that would take me away from getting married there in five years. Ah! I just love it so much.

I challenge you to take a step back this week and just realize how blessed we all are. For everything that we have. Friends, family, church, FREEDOM. It really is amazing and I'm so grateful for it. Hopefully this challenge will allow me {and you!} to be able to do as the song says and, 'Testify, This IS the Christ'. I can't wait for a wonderful week ahead! I hope you all have an amazing one as well! :)
Love Always,

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