My brother is the best. No arguments there. He is such an amazing example to me and I love him so very much! I'm thinking about him cause he started not doing his homework on Sundays so I decided to follow him this year and HOLY COW it's amazing how much my grades and ability to do my homework has been! Like I have an essay due tomorrow that I didn't do on Saturday aand was seriously considering doing on Sunday but decided not to cause Caleb wouldn't have so I did it all today and I was able to do it so fast and speedy and I think it's a pretty good essay! Plus, my grades overall have improved without me doing like... anything. I'm just doing better in school! It's the greatest thing!

Another thing he inspired me to do was be an avid journal writer, which I'm also so grateful for! Cause seriously, if I hadn't started to follow his example, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to remember anything-no joke I probably have the worst memory on the face of the Earth!

I'm just so very thankful for the amazing brother he is to me and I love him tons and miss him so very much at BYU! Stinkin BYU you stole my best friend... :( But he's loving it up there and I'm so happy for him. :) I love my brother so much! Who do you love?
Love Always,

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Chloe said...

Emma! This is a really tender blog entry! And I have to agree with all of these things that you said, he is great! This made me think of my older brother who is on his mission and how much I miss him!! Anyways, I love your blog and I love you! So keep on blogging because I love to read it!!