Oh the things you learn! :)

So, I've decided that most certainly, you learn something new everyday! Just in case any one else out there hasn't figured it out yet... I know I just barley did {don't judge... I'm a slow learner}. Here is a list of things I've learned recently!

1. How to spell 'defiantly'! Yes, it's probably the most difficult world in the whole entire world to spell!!! I probably spelt it defientely for like... my entire life. Ya, go through, read my blog, you'll see it spelt wrong about a bazillion times, promise. nbd. But hey! I know how to spell it now! Thank goodness for spell check and might mouses that work! :)

2. Boys can actually be super dang cute!
remember when I said boys are stupid? Ya, take that back in full totality! They have their super adorable moments and I gobble them up. :) like in this moment :
3. Parents act like children when they do not have children to attend to! In example: my parents were in NYC all last week and it's fall, right? right. So they {as in NYC city worker dudes} are sweeping up the leaves in Central Park and as my parents walk through on their way home from Wicked my dad decides to jump in one of the big piles.... ya, not even kidding. My mom got video of it. Probably, I peed my pants it was so funny. That's my dad for you!

4. It hurts to part your hair on the other side if you have a huge callick... I don't advise it. at all. But maybe I just have weak sauce head... who knows. But it sure hurt me today!

5. Lastly, it's freakin hard to do RACKs! Like, no joke! I think about it on the way to school but get caught up in school and ALWAYS forget. Geesh! Recommitment, now... okay, done. :)

There are just a few things I have learned! :) Today was a fantabulous day filled with LOTS of skype :), cookies, cleaning, and singing multitudes of songs to my empty house {well, seffers was here but he's pretty much a ghost... he never talks to me! haha} Also, Mr. R answered me to Winter Formal! In such a cute way! He wrote this note:

Emma K. Barton, {did you know I love it when people put in my middle name/initial??}
I am happy you decided to 'Think of Me' to ask to the dance. It will truly be a 'Masquerade'. My answer is of course, yes, however, 'All I ask of You', my 'Angel of Music', is that we have the best time ever dancing away to 'The Music of the Night'. And now that I've answered you, you've passed 'The Point of No Return' so I hope you truly wanted to go with me.

{just in case you were having trouble connecting the song names. :)}

He printed it on fancy paper and then sealed it with wax and left the book of violin music along with two red roses tied with black ribbon on my porch. I was so very happy! And it was especially wonderful because Phantom is like, 'Our Thing'. We both love it to death and not even kidding, he knows EVERY song! oh my, it is so very funny to watch that movie with him mouthing every single thing! :) I cannot wait for the dance :)... now it's dress shopping time! Whoopie! :)

I've decided that probably I should go to sleep... And probably I should stop blogging at one a.m... I dunno... it might help with the sleep deprovation... possibly! :) Goodnight all! I love you tons!
Love Always,

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