Can you get enough?! I think {Not!} :)

Seriously, can you ever get enough of such a beautiful place as the above?! I think not! I went to the temple tonight and had a wonderful time! It seriously is my favorite place ever! {even more than the Dland! I know, crazy!} But I'm so happy I've been able to go so often recently cause I know it makes my life better! :)

As for the countdown, there are only TWENTY-NINE days left. :) Applause please, we are out of the thirties! Sing praises to father time for ticking on and on! :){that's Father Time, btw}

My song of the day just came on Pandora, {Thank you dear pandora friend} and it is 'Sideways' by Let's Go Sailing. :) Love, Heart, Awesome. :) Look it up on Youtube cause I'm too lazy to make a link to it right now. :) Just know I still love you!

Food for Thought:I love little things like this that make me sit, and think, and be content. Then write in my journal about it. I'm a freak, I know, but my journal is my favorite. :)

I have much more to blog about...but I still have lots of homework to do so I figure I should go do that... Have a wonderful night! :)
Love Always,

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