Thirty one. THirty One. THIrty ONe. THIRTY ONE! Thirty one days... that's all there is left... I love countdowns, fyi. And 31 is much much much closer than say... 65. Which is what it used to be, and I was DYING. I still am dying. But it's better knowing it's getting oh so much closer. :)

So new song of the day that I love! 'Angel' by Jack Johnson. :) OH SO CUTE! And love the black and white of this video! Plus, this song brings a smile to my face because some people are just so cute and wonderful like that. :) Look here--> {Angel}

So laughing moments came from this:And this:And this {which reminded me of my dear pops}:
Isn't that just the funniest thing ever! Another super good place to get a few {or like a bazillion} good laughs is {mylifeisaverage.com} Seriously, some of the greatest things ever that just make you rofl. like seriously rofl. Which is momo's fave thing, she's a huge rofl fan. :) hehe.

Something that made my heart melt today? Here:
And story of my life {hate when it happens}:And this is what I feel like doing cause life is so great right now:I especially love it when people are so understanding and caring that they give you things they really shouldn't. Seriously, some people are juts to amazing, it makes me wonder where they came from and why they are my friends. Cause I sure feel like I don't deserve them! I decided I'm going to be like the person behind {www.thingsweforget.blogspot.com} Cause I love the idea and think it can be my new RACKs. Which still are super hard to do. But hopefully this will help. :) I hope you had an terrific Tuesday! I know mine has been so wonderful and fabulous and ah, life is just so amazing sometimes!
Love Always,

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Anonymous said...

umm so pretty much this is the first time i had heard of MLIA! umm i read it for like hmmmm WAY TO LONG!! like four pages or something crazy...im officially addicted! perfect thing to read if you want to rofl i agree!