Thinking right now that my list of "things to blog about" is growing but that I really just want to put down what I'm thinking right now....

And that is this:

I really love being held tight by somebody who cares about you, and then, having the smell of them on your cloths after they leave.... mmmhhh. :) Makes me love life to the extreme.

I'm also thinking that it's kinda sad when you don't understand why people suddenly disappear as though they hate you, especially when it's a group of people who you dearly care for...

Or... when you don't understand why things between certain people just can never be the same because if they were to be the same you'd fall back into that same old trap, which would be bad...unless you're that person's mother. haha. And you think this -->
but obviously they don't think that same way....

Or when you can't figure out how to help a friend in need... Remember the story of my life pic a few posts back? Yup, that's the worst. It's especially terrible when they won't tell you what's wrong but you know there is something bothering them.... And you think, "Can't we tell each other everything again?" And it in turn makes you feel like this -->
But at the same time don't cause you want to be best friends! And it's just makes you sad to think about how you foolishly thought you could still be best friends. Bad news bears I tell ya, bad news bears.

This is kinda a depressing post... I was just thinking all that... But now I'm thinking back to the first part of the post....and it's making me smile. Because it really is the very best, and it over-rules everything cause you know that person holding you close and who's smell lingers on you cares for you tons & tons. :) Did I mention I'm a hopeless romantic? Well, I am. That's why this -->

Makes my heart stop. :) I think I shall go watch it. NBD, it's only one a.m. :) It's worth it though! Off to my favorite imaginary place in the world. :)
Love Always,

p.s. I'm loving italics recently... if you didn't notice. :)

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Morgan said...

ha i have no idea who this post was intended for...but it just made me cry. ps rk loves your posts too i bet ;)