Creativeness is {FLOWING}

So... Modge Podge {the most AMAZING thing in the world} has made me into a creative mess! All I want to do is scrapbook and modge podge and make cards! So I scrapbooked some new {and some old} pics today and thought I'd share! :)

There we go, some of my creativness coming out. :) Now it's my bed time! But one quick thought: If you've never mailed a package to a far away friend, I highly suggest you do so! Probably the {happiest} feeling ever! :) Tomorrow will be a special birthday post for Mr. West! :) He turns seventeen tomorrow! He's such an old man! hehe. jk! But really, I'm heading to bed! Goodnight! Love life and it will love you! I promise!
Love Always,

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Chloe said...

So pretty much you are so cute at scrapbooking! Love them! They are so precious!