{Mr. West's} Birthday!

{This is the ONLY picture we have together... SO lame! p.s. to you non-knowers, he's the one rockin the sunglasses...this is from EFY...before we really knew each other well and I just had the BIGGEST crush on him ever cause he sung to us during free time and then sung in the talent show and seriously.... any guy who sings automatically wins my heart totally! Plus, he played the guitar AMAZING. And he sang I'm Your's... do you see why I was TOTALLY already in love with him while we were up there??? :) It was like my final request of EFY, to get a picture with Jake. No joke, I was dying to get a picture with him cause he was like David Archuleta times ten zillion in my mind. :)}

Well my friends, today is a very special day! It is Mr. West's {aka Skype boy, California, or... Mr. Kasper's} birthday! He is seventeen... and complaining that he's old! Geesh... talk to my great aunt Susy, she's OLD! {jk, I don't really have an Aunt Susy} Now to address the birthday boy:

Really Mr. West, seventeen! One year closer to nineteen which means your mission, and one year closer to being out of high school and onto the real world! In fact, next year, you can vote ON YOUR BIRTHDAY! How cool is that? I think it's pretty dang cool! Now you get a birthday top ten! :) You're the first one! Yipee! So, the ten things that I {love} about Mr. West {In no order}
1. You make me smile... all the time, no matter what, rain or shine. I know if I am having a blue day all I need to do is talk to you and whola! I'm grinning from ear to ear-{literally}
2. You live far away...Okay, so sometimes {actually a LOT} this seems like a total curse! But really, it's a blessing because I know that I have a best friend who isn't involved in all the drama here in Mesa that I can go to and talk to about all the drama! Even though there isn't that much in my life... still. But actually, the real reason I love that you live 360 miles away is cause it makes seeing you so much better! If I had an awesome quote about that I would put it here... but I can't find one... so just pretend I put one in. :)
3. You're like way more than AMAZING at the guitar and singing... I know you hate to do it, but I always can convince you to play for me! :) hehe. And I definently LOVE that! Like... my favorite.
4. You blog stalk me.... It's fun to know that I have someone who reads every single sentence of my blog! Cause I write soooo much! :) Thank you!
5. We met at EFY... kay, seriously? Who knew you could stay such good friends with people you know for a week! I never thought it was possible! But heck, now I totally believe it!
6. We not only met at EFY we went to the same EFY two years in a row!... Once again, seriously? What is the chances of that happening?? And, I TOTALLY remember dancing with you the first year! And even though you don't remember, it's okay, cause you totally remember more about the second year at EFY than I do... I think my mind ran away for that week and so I don't remember nearly all the things you do!
7. Even though you live in California, you have a Toro Nation Game Day shirt... ya, you're that hardcore. :) You might as well be a toro!
8. You are a VERY hard worker!
... remember how much you helped me homecoming night? And you were on a vacation! But you helped me nonstop anyways! Ya, it was so wonderful to have you there helping!
9. We can talk forever... And ever... and ever. End of story. But really, thank goodness we both have Verizon or I'm pretty dang sure my phone bill would be like.... totally ridiculous. :)
10. I know you'll always be there for me... Even though you live freakin 360 miles away I know that no matter what, I can always call you and you'll talk me through the good, bad, and just weird times. It's so wonderful to have a very best friend like you!

This is really just the beginning of the list.... I could go on for hours and hours about all the things I adore about you! Thank you for everything that you do for me Mr. West! I seriously am so happy and grateful that you are my very best friend! I hope you had the most fabulous seventeenth birthday ever! You definently deserve every second of it! :) Once, again, I'm so very happy we're best friends cause you make my life only about ten zillion times better! :)
Love Always,
{p.s. any stalkers if you'd like to have a birthday post just tell me when your birthday is and I'll be sure and post about it! Love you all! :)}


Emily Sue said...

umm hi cutest thing ever! emma! i LOVE your blog!! this is so tender yay!!! keep it up with this mr. west he's a keeper! keep talking to him it'll pay off i know it! keep blogging please! i love it and i love you!!!

rachel schlappi said...

my birthday was september 19th and i am pretty dang sad you forgot.
ha buttt im kidding... really.
also. love you

even though you didnt post on my birthday.... ha