It's {cold}

Official decision of the day: I'm so not good with the cold. We're up in Utah today and kinda, I'm dying cause it's super cold! Plus, there is nobody here to cuddle with since it's so cold and it creates a problem.... for me. :)
However, it's great cause I'm with my older brothers again! And I just love them tons. :)
And, I'm super excited cause winterformal is soon and I'm just so very excited to go with this crazy boy. :)
And it's going to be some CRAZY good times. :)

And tomorrow is Thanksgiving and who doesn't like that?! :) And we're going to the BYU vs. UofU game on Saturday where...we are going to freeze cause guess what? Oh ya! It's supposed to SNOW! Ya, like, I'm dying. But I'm also sooooo very excited. :)

And, there are only twenty0three days left. :) So if the days were hours, we'd have one hour less than a full day. :) Which really, in retrospec, isn't that long. BUt in realspec {totally just made that up} is FOREVER and I'm also kinda dying cause of the long long long time! I seem to be dying cause of a lot of things....probably that's a problem! :) Maybe I should stop doing that. :)

Well we're off to play some games....which is going to be crazy cause my family+games=CRAZY! Especially since we're playing Monopoly.... somebody might get hurt! but it'll be fun!

Love Always,

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