YAY! I love the holidays! Where to begin with thankfulness?? Let's start at last night... :)

MONOPOLY+siblings=probably the most competitive thing since the world began. not.even.kidding. So... we started the game at about eight. I went to bed at about 2:20 cause I was dying I was so tired. My brothers....they stayed up till 3:45. By the end of the game, Josh had sacrificed himself, Caleb and I had become a corporation, Josh came back from the dead to take my spot, and Seth was still killing us!!!! HE HAD TWO MONOPOLIES!!!! We had the entire rest of the board! It was craziness, plain craziness. Not to mention the fact that we ate an entire bag of Twizzlers, a box of Dots, and a thing of Mac&Cheese. Ya, don't mess with Barton family monopoly games. Just another reason why I love my brothers. :)I'm thankful for cute little things like above....and just romantic cute things in general. They make my life all the better and happier. :) I'm especially thankful for super kind messages from people that make me smile to the ends of the Earth and back just because they're so cute and nice-waking up to those are the very very very best. :)

I'm grateful for these girls:
They've been my all to me forever and I love them to death. We've had the best of times and the worst of times. But I'm pretty sure that if we got back together for a night we'd be the same crazy friends we used to be. They've always been there for me and pretty much I think we taught each other everything we know. I really don't know where I'd be without them....probably some loner in the corner wearing ugly cloths and still wearing slickedback ponytails.... But really, I'm so thankful for everything they've done for me, I don't know what I'd do without them. And, I miss them. But I'm grateful for them.

I'm also grateful for these gorgeous girls:
So how we all came together is crazy and we really can't even remember how it happened. But they've made my high school transition so much better. Brought me up from super sad times. Given me advice in crazy situations and although I don't always follow their advice {...Lizzie...} I know they're always going to be there for me when I'm crying over something. Even though we've been having some weird times recently, I'm sure it's just a phase and Utah will mend everything. :) I really do love all these girls so crazy much, I can't even express it fully, they're just the best. end of story.

I'm grateful that my parents have made travel such an important part of growing up. Because then when I happen upon pictures like the above I can say, "I've been there! It was awesome!" I was so happy when I randomly found this picture cause I felt so cool having been there. I LOVE traveling. :)

I'm grateful for missing people. Which is weird...cause normally it's a bad thing. But I've decided that when you miss a person, it brings you closer to that person cause you're always thinking about them. And, it makes the reunion all the better. I'm also grateful for this cause there are so many different ways to miss a person. Sometimes you miss people who you see everyday. Sometimes you miss people you haven't seen in months. Sometimes you miss the way you used to know a person. Or you miss the way a person holds you and cares for you. Sometimes it's a combination of some of those, and sometimes it's none of them all, it's just more like a pit that you can't fix. However it is that you miss a person, I'm grateful for it, cause it makes you stronger as a person, and helps you realize all the blessings you've had because of that hole in your heart. I'm grateful for missing people.

I'm so grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It's the most amazing thing in my life. Really, it's above everything. That's pretty much all I can say about cause I don't even know how else to put it. I'm glad to be Mormon! :)

There is so much else, but I think if I listed everything we'd both be here for about five years....cause I could go on and on about all that I'm thankful for. I just love life and everything that makes it beautiful and good. :) which is a lot of things. :) I hope everyone has an amazing Turkey Day, I'm so happy it's the holiday season. :) I'm grateful for all of YOU readers! Thanks! :)

Love Always,

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