It's not Saturday...{WHAT THE?!}

As I sat down to write this... I thought that exact same thing... kinda not so exciting to remember that oh you have this wonderful day but SIKE! You have to go back to school tomorrow! So obviously I can't do a weekend report... cause it's not the weekend...yet. :) However, we did have a fun Tuesday night! :) Here's the throw-down.

1. Went to the temple for baptisims with my ward {whom I love so very much, btw. We're all so close and all the girls are just the BEST}. Probably the best thing ever. :)

2. Headed over to the Hill's house to join friends in funtimes such as Apples to Apples, Who's Your Mama, and KEYS! Oh my keys.... it was soo very fun!{sometimes I really worry about these boys...}

3. Pretty much during my turn of keys, everyone decided to start tickling me.... I was DYING! I'm soooo ticklish! And if you don't know the game of keys here is the jist: One person holds a set of keys and turns and turns and then points at another person. That person then takes their open hands and proceeds to do whatever they would like that is VERY awkward/uncomfortable/plain weird to make the person drop the keys. They then call the next person to take their hand and continue to make the first person very awkward. Overall, it's a game of awkwardness with the only object being to make the first person drop the keys in order to have the awkwardness stop. phew. So they grabbed me around the stomach and tickled me like mad EVERYWHERE. It was terrible... but I got through everyone, making me awkwardness champion! {like we didn't already know THAT! Pretty sure I"m the awkwardest person ALIVE!}

4. This morning woke up and checked my facebook and had the NICEST message from Mr. R. :) pretty much made me smile about a gazillion miles a minute. So very kind {not to mention completely ADORABLE} of him!

5. My mom and I went and got my winter formal dress! And guess where we got it? Last Chance! can you say 'Totally ridiculously good prices??' cause I know I can! And not only did we get my dress, but we also got shoes, and earrings! SWEEET!

6. I realized today that there is only 1 month, and 1 week till Mr. West comes!!!! I'm peeing my pants with excitment.... :) Not really, but you get the point. :) {btw, he lives in Murrieta, Ca. Hence the picture below. :) Didn't want a bunch of confused readers. :)}

7. So very excited because Mr. R invited me over to watch UP after he does this window's yardwork for mutual. :) I have not seen the movie but I've wanted to for about a BAJILLION years! No joke! So I'm very very very excited. :)

So pretty much, I'm very grateful we have Veterans who gave us this wonderful random Wednesday off. :) NOt only that, but I really am super grateful to all the veterans who fought so very hard for our country to make it the place it is today. We really have it off great and I sure am thankful for that! Plus, I think being a solider is the hardest thing ever! Having to leave your family and not knowing if you will make it back. It really is amazing to me that people are so willing to do that cause it would be soooo hard for me to do that. So if you know a solider, or a veteran, or if you ARE a soilder or a veteran, I give my utmost respect to you and deepest gratitude. Thank you for always keeping our flag flying high and free. :) Happy Veteran's Day to all! :)
Love Always,


Fitz said...

Hmmm so many things to say. . .
1. Do you not recall the reason the boys were making that face? It is because their eyes get super crazy small, or so it seemed to me at the moment! It was rather funny!
2. Remember how you aren't the only champion of awkwardness? Me and alex also split with you. . should i be proud, um probably not but whatever!(Pluse i already knew i was like super awkward, so don't worry i knew it already too:) )
3. I've never seen UP! sad day huh?. . .
welp sorry for leaving such a long comment! love ya!

emmakaren said...

No, I remembered that, I just honestly do worry about them sometimes.... for reasons I think you know... and if you don't I can tell you sometime. haha. Fitz, do you even know how awkward I am???? Like really...not just in that game, but in life in general! AH! save me!!! And I'm super sorry you haven't seen up! funny enough my parents just bought it so Ryan and I will happily watch it with you again, jk, hehe. Or just you and I can watch it. :)