So... I have a few things that need to be addressed {no particular order!} . First:

Dear Lizzie,
Why have I not seen you in forever? Can we please have some Jane and Lissie time soon? I'm DYING! :) But I love you and want to have funtimes. We haven't had some in forever and I super miss it!

Dear Violin,
I love you. You are my friend. But why do you hate me? I'd appreciate it if we could be mutual friends and I could play like Ithack Pearlman. Please stop the hatin. Thanks. :)
Dear Car,
We are now friends. And I am glad. :) I used to not like you cause you freakin scared me! But I learned how to be friends with you and now life is wonderful. Thank you for letting me cruise around with the wind in my hair. You, my friend are fabulous. :)
Dear Time,
Can you please speed up?? You're killing me! I want to be done with junior year...and senior year (but you can slow down for that part) And then I want you to be speedy quick so I can get married. PLEASE???? I will love you forever and not care how ridiculously slow you go from then on! :) But really, let's boogie. I want you to go so very much faster! Not that I don't love my life, I do! I just want to be married. Got it? Thanks.
Dear Mr. West,
Can you help with the time thing? That's be fabulous. :) Thank you for making me so very happy and being my best long-distance friend! I love our forever long phone-calls and skyping times. Especially when your parents do funny things and then you get super embaressd and turn bright red. :) hehe. I can't wait till you come down in 38 days!!!! :) 143. :)
{insert REALLY cute INVISIBLE picture of US here}

Dear Pandora,
Thank you for all the lovely music you play me pretty much 24/7. You, are the very very very best. :) Plus you introduce me to songs that make me smile and so happy!!! You make my day, pretty much every day. :) Emma
Dear Gene Autry Park,

Thank you for the good memories. I love you. :)


Dear Journal,
You are my best friend. End of story. I know I can tell you ANYTHING cause you can't talk!
I love being able to have some heart to heart time every single night even if it is two am and I'm super duper tired! Thanks for keeping all my crazy memories cause I'm pretty sure, no, I KNOW, I wouldn't be able to remember my wonderful, sad, happy, and crazy times without your help. Did I mention I love you? Oh yes, I did. :)

Dear Life,
I love you and all you bring with you! :) Every little thing about you is grand and fabulous and fun and happy! Well, not everything, but mostly everything! The sadness is good though, cause it brings me closer to people. :) Thank you for letting me live every day and for letting me realize how much I love you. Thank you for all my friend, they are the best. :) Thank you for random adventures that make me so happy, and for random super cute moments that make my heart burst. :) I love all the little moments you bring cause little moments are the best thing ever! Thank you for the big moments too, they are just delectable. Can I gobble you up for dinner, life? :)
Forever Yours,
Emma Karen Barton Phew! Glad that's out of my system! :) Have a wonderful Thursday! :) Love Always, Ems


alex said...

So that's not the best picture of me, but I really do think that we need to hang. I MISS YOU!

Anonymous said...

My turn:
Dear Emma,
You have the most ADORABLE blog ever!!! I'm serious, I love reading it because it makes me so happy! :)
Love Kristen