Sometimes, you just gotta love little things, remember? It's all about the little moments. :) I have a few little moment pictures and little moment moments. :) Oh the grandness. :)
Little Moment Picture 1:So story behind this picture that I love so very much for some reason. :) So these are Mr. R's dearly beloved Puma shoes. He loves them... a lot. So we had a little 'chemistry homework' adventure. aka we were supposed to be doing chemistry but went to a park and had fun instead. :) So I was at the bottom of the slide and he was at the top, and I took a picture of his shoes that he loves so very much. And then I edited it cause it looks even cuter that way. :)

Little Moment Number 1:
So... after the picture, Mr. R sat down and kinda began sliding down the slide.... but he didn't want to run into me at the bottom and make me fall into the sad, so he was trying to hold himself at the top and I thought it was funny. For sure a great little moment.

Little Moment Picture Number 2:
So this is our sad picture after Mr. R got slide burns cause he was trying not to run into me {he ended up doing so anyways} apparently I can't make sad faces.... Just fishy ones? I have no idea... But pretty much I like this picture. the end. :)

Little Moment Picture Number 3 {& 4}Okay, so number 3: we laugh a lot... get over it. :) Number 4: I stole Mr. R's sunglasses and put them on.... I'm lots cuter in them then he is. :) so I did a cutsie face. I told him to do one too.... but he didn't know that that meant.... so instead he just did a kinda confused/sad face. :)

Little Moment Story 2:
So, last night Mr. West and I skyped, right? right. :) and as we were skypeing {much to Mr. West's dismay} his father came in with a singing spongebob ballon and his father put in front of his face and made it sing. :) I was laughing, lots. :) I loved it. :) Mr West.... he didn't love it so much. hehe.

Little Moment Story 3:
Yesterday, I watched the second half of Pride and Prejudice as I made cookies for BHal's birthday. Pretty sure I yelled at the computer like twenty times cause Elizabeth is SO STINKIN STUBBORN! Ah! I can't stand it! ugh.... so frusterating
{btw, I kinda really get into my love stories...obviously.}

Little Moment Story 4:
Staying up late is great...Especially when you're talking with dear friends. :) end of Story.

I also learned that it does not take one of the BIG BIG pots to defrost and warm up already homemade chicken noodle soup that your mother leaves for you when her and father are out galavanting about New York.... :) Needless to say, probably I have room in my pot to cook a small village in Africa invisible food... if that makes sense. :)

One more thing! Did you know next to shipping someone a package, the best thing {actually it may be better, I can't decide} is knowing that they received it! :) AH!!!! I love it! Thank you for making my day! :)

Also, You should defiantly look {here} for the movie that I am so very excited for!!! it looks soooo cute! Plus, it's on Emily's Blog which is for sure my favorite ever!!! :) Love her! :)

Life is going fabulous! I'm off to edit pics, make scrapbook pages, make an imovie, and not do my chemistry homework cause guess what? It's no longer due today! But on Saturday! :) Thank you Mdawg, you are the BEST teacher pretty much ever! You rock my socks a million times over, you're so totally boss. :) Much loves to all you peoples out there! :)
Love Always,

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rachel schlappi said...

ah i love you so much i can't handle it!!
you have the besst life.