Many a thoughts going through my mind... and so my brain and thoughts kinda make me feel like the picture above! If it had a sound it would be *...swwwwwoooshhhhhwhhhheeee**silence**Sigh* Have fun with making that sound... pretty sure only I can. :) It's funny how everything... and I mean EVERYTHING seems to crash down at once! This life is CRAZY! I just always wait for everything to work out, cause it always does in the end, right? right. Like I said to my dad today {we were talking about how my mom CANNOT handle stress, rather funny actually, haha} "It's pointless to stress about stuff cause it's either going to happen or not and all you can do is work and wait, work and wait." I thought it was pretty prfound but that's cause I'm a LITTLE bit narcissistic...{jk, br. jkjk. br. sike, unsike, BAM!} I'm also really weird. don't judge, thanks. :)

So I talked to my most favorite blogger ever! Ms. E.S.P, love her blog, love her. Probably she has the BEST advice ever and is a LIFESAVER! Check out her blog {here}. I've decided to adopt her as my older sister, since I have none. :){and this is how e.s.p. and I would interact-I just thought it was funny}

Yesterday, Mr. R and I went to our friend's house since she's home-ridden currently. We talked and then watched a RIDIC scary movie!!!! I don not advise watching any of the Nightmare theaters, they're old, but heck, they're scary!

We also watched A Walk to Remember. ah, perf! {just for you fitz} It was so completly wonderful and sad, and he cried! I LOVE it when boys cry! Except Mr. R said this about me loving his crying, 'You can't be sure that I cried...So you don't know that for sure...' Oh my, he makes me laugh. :)

This also made me laugh out loud when I saw it...so I shall share. :)

I just love it! hahaha. I also decided today that ward choir is one interesting thing but rather fun so I shall stick with it. :)

And Mr. West told me something rather happy and exciting! : that news made me feel like this:
I don't know exactly why... in fact, it makes no sense at all, but it did. And I just super love this picture so it's all good. :)

There were so many other things I was going to say but just can't remember. Drats. I decided I should start jotting down all my random ideas of what to blog about so that I actually remember them...good idea. :) I do love Sundays though, and hope yours was fabulous. :) I shall leave you with this awesome pic! Love it. :)Love Always,


Emily Sue said...

yes be my little sister please!!! i just absolutely LOVE LOVE you!!!

Katelin said...

ok...darts is my new officially adopted word. The end. :)