{Dances, Birthdays, and Whoopie Pies}

Oh dear me! I have not been in the blogging sphere for some time! Oh dear oh dear oh dear! So, weekend report! :) Beginning with Friday! :)
So, Friday we had our day activity: Fabulous.
So so very much fun! We went down to Tempe on the Lightrail and had dinner at the very healthy FatBurger. {note:heavy sarcasm :)} But anyways, it was rather funny cause the 12 of us just sat in like this funny not-straight line....if that makes sense. I really wish I had a picture of it because it really was rather funny. :)
After that we had a picture scavenger hunt! :) Here are the few pictures Mr. R and I got before our camera died....hehe
He was supposed to be pointing at the letter Q but um.... he kinda missed. :)Two People in love. Funny thing-the first picture one of the couples took was of Mr. R and I and they used it as their two people in love picture...ooh dear. :)
Sneak Picture! It juts made me laugh, it didn't count as one of our scavenger hunt pictures....but it's rather funny. :)
And then....our camera died. :( Sad day. hehe. But then we came back to my house and watched....Except the new one....And um.... I totally zonked out like 30 min into it...Like major I was out and didn't even move till the very end credits! Ya, I know, crazy! Mr. R said that he kinda started to fall asleep too cause he had no one to tell all his funny comments to and also that he knew I fell asleep cause I stopped moving. haha. Pretty much, I'm super glad he was there cause he was keeping me super warm in the like seriously 40 degree weather! We watched the movie outside and it was SOOOOO cold! But... I was wonderfully warm. :) yay!

So then, Saturday, set up the dance, got my hair done and then.. DANCE! My madre took our group's pictures at the Mesa Arts Center and they are so stinkin cute! Thanks mom, you're the best! :) Then we had a gorgeous dinner at Cuc's house prepared by her amazing father! :) And then.... we went to the dance! Here are some pictures! YAY! :)Pretty much, we've been best friends from the start! This is captin momo. :) aka Mr. R's stalker-nbd, it pretty much makes me rofl everyday. :) LOVE HER!The six loves of my life. :)
Then..... ICE SKATING!!!! :) YAY! So so so so so so much fun! Pretty much, Mr. R is like pro pro pro skater cause he used to play hockey, and i thought it was pretty dang awesome! He had a goal of making sure I never fell down and guess what?! I didn't! He was very pro at catching me. :) Also, he tried to teach me how to skate backwards but....it didn't work. More pictures now! :)Exhibit One: Mr. R after he 'slid' into the wall... no, he did not fall. He slid, apparently there is a difference... I didn't see any. :) Except for the fact that his falling was more graceful then most....haha

The boys, pretty much, love them all. They're all amazing. :) And ego boy is the one sticking his head through the middle, oh dear. This picture just makes me rofl, need I say more? :)

AH! Besties! Love them too! And I love this picture times five zillion! :)

Kenzy! Anybody see the cool fog heart around our head?!

My wonderful date! Mr. R! :)

So then, as we drove home, it turned Sunday and Fitz and her date yelled Happy Birthday for me! :) And I dropped them off and the dropped off Mr. R who probably made the very first part of my birthday the best ever! :) We even sat in my trunk for a little bit cause it seemed rather fun....and it was! Oh dear, the crazy things he does with me... :)

So today, I got to sleep in, then decided not to fast cause it was my birthday.... I know, I'm probably going to get sent to live with all the naughty people but it's my birthday, give me a break! :) My daddy and I made Whoopie Pies! Um...can you say AMAZING?! :) They were super yummy! And then.... Mr. R surprised me by coming over with a treat and sweet birthday note! :) What more could a girl ask for on her birthday?!

So, I pretty much want this week to speed by cause I have a surprise birthday date with Ego boy on Friday and then another one with Mr. R on Saturday and I just love/hate surprises and can't wait to find out what they are! :) It should go fast cause we have choir holiday dinners....oh me oh my....my life shall be consumed...But I'm excited!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Weekend! Loves to all! :)
Love Always,


Chloe said...

Emma! Oh my word. You look beautiful at winter formal! I loved your dress and your hair! I hope your birthday was AMAZING too!

The six said...

Pretty girl!! I [love] your winter dress, so gorgeous! <3kim

Emily Sue said...

emma! first of all you look DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!! second, where have you disappeared to!? i miss my bloggy friend! come baaackkk!! also, i hop you had a happy happy birthday!