Winter=Soccer Season
Soccer=Best sport EVER
Best sport EVER=Most exciting games
Most Exciting games=Cheering Ego Boy on
Cheering Ego Boy on=Freezing cold Bleechers
Freezing cold Bleechers=Winter
It's all a circle....

But a very very good circle. I LOVE soccer. It's the best, it kicks football's butt about five million times over. So the first toro soccer game was today, I was there, and loved it! Even though we lost by 2 in overtime. :( Stupid Tucson Badgers.... {who has a badger as a mascot anyways?!} But the boys played very very well! End even though Ego Boy lied and told me he wouldn't play, he did! And he played very well to! So way to go Toros! Keep on trekin. :)

Song of the day Magic by Colbie Cailllat. Love it! To death! :) So very cute. :) Have a great night! Come out and support the Toros at the next home game, kay? Girls play Thursday at home. :) Thanks. :)

Love Always,
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rachel schlappi said...

AH i love that you love soccer!!!!
seriously so much
because really lets talk about this. no one appreciates it.
love you!

Autumn said...

So, I'm Emily Peterson's roommate, and I decided today, that I LOVE your blog and I followed it :]