Girls Nights=Love

Man oh man alive, can I just say I LOVE my girlies to death?! I do. :) So we all needed some time together, and Lizzie wanted to cry, and we wanted to laugh and just be girls! Ya know how that goes? Of course you do! {if you're a girl you do.} So here's how the night went down. :)

Calsta arrives, Lizzie arrives. Venting session for a moment.

Venting over, cry your eyes out movie time: A Walk to Remember. {Namoi joins in the middle}

LOVE this quote.


{he is D.A.N.G. fine.}

Wait....Shane West makes our hearts melt again?!?! WHAT?! Not even kidding, we were all BAWLING our eyes out. It was so crazy but wonderful! Why do girls love to cuddle together and cry? mmhhh.... I think I'm in love. :)  With life and romance, no surprise there, right? :)

So then, we decided to hop in the mustang and drive with the top down to Albertson's to Redbox My Sister's Keeper but guess what? They had no such thing in the magical redbox! So we looked around at the movies and they were all on sale for eight bucks {can you say BARGIN?!} And Lizzie saw The Women, said she loved it, and the next second, it was bought! Along with some strawberrry Mentos to please Lizzie and her love and craving. :)

So, if you have not seen The Women and you are a gal, CHECK IT OUT! Oh my goodness, best chick flick of my life!!! You will LOVE it. :) {MiniK joined, and Namoi left}

mhmhmhmhmh. Best Girl's Night movie ever. Can I say that enough? I think not. :) We laughed our guts out, not even kidding. :) It was fabulous.  Schmecca joined like half way through so at the end we went back and did a replay of our favorite parts. Especially, "let me teach you something very important: Nobody hates Saks." or, "She's not in the Vault?! We need to DRAG her into the vault!"

I love my girls. And our girl nights, you forget how much you love girl's nights until you have one again. LOVE. :) And tomorrow, we have girlfriend pictures! YES! Soooo excited! :) And then, New Year's Eve with Mr. R's family. Fun stuff right there, oh yes it is! :) I think I shall go make a To Do list of the things I need to accomplish tomorrow and then head to bed with the most pleasant of dreams! :) Have a wonderful day! :)

Love Always,

Oh, and in memory, here are a few pictures from our first girl's night ever. :) Gotta love it. :

 Calsta... :)

 Glowing Lizzie? With biodegradable spoon?

yes, we can eat biodegradable spoons. :)

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