Something is Wrong...

This picture reminds me of dreams..that's why it's here. :)

I seriously cannot go to sleep. I just don't want to and don't feel like it so I don't...WHAT IS WRONG?! I have no idea but it's a problem. Anyways, good news! Pictures are in place! yipee! And, I finally gave Mr. R his Christmas present! It's only been done since Thanksgiving...NBD. :) I made him a blanket and I do believe he loved it! :)

So, Would you like to hear how my day made me go, "Golly Gee, today is busy!" Of course you do! So I kinda went to bed at 2:30. NBD. Woke up at 10:30. NBD. Told ya, not diggin this...

Swept hcore and then organized the pantry- I think I want to be a professional organizer. How do I do that?

Went to Starbucks with Malgal. Good times catching up. :)

Made Mr. R's card

Went to the park with Mr. R where he opened his present and then we watched The Notebook, got invaded by a little Mexican family, then they left and then once the movie ended got invaded by some punk teenagers! Who do they think they are invading our park?! geesh...people. :) And acutally, they weren't punks at all. :) hehe.

Mr. R was excited to open his present. :)
He said, "Am I funny?" hahaha. Oh my.

Okay, so really it wasn't that's probably just the fact that I woke up at 10:30....

But I have some pictures from yesterday when Mr. R came over cause somehow he convinced me to sing at his family's New Years Eve party....I dunno why I am doing this for him. So he came over so we could pick out a song. :) We picked the Prayer after about 2 hours of trying to decide...we're terrible at deciding anything. :) hehe.

I was hiding behind my favorite piano music cause I didn't want my picture taken... :)

He was not happy cause I was taking his picture. :)

Yup! That's life right now. :) Maybe I should go to sleep before 2:30 tonight....sounds like a good idea. :)

Love Always,

p.s. I just switched to the new posting thing on blogger....holy schnikies, it makes it so much easier! Where have you been all my life?!

This just made me happy...I have no idea why. :)

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Katelin said...

I totally made a blanket for my boyfriend for of those rag quilts...except mine wasn't done till Christmas Eve..:)