Holy Schnikies!

Does anyone know how hard it is to coordinate pictures between eight girls?! It's like parting the red sea! Well, not really, but pretty much. Want to hear how this has gone so far? okay, I text everyone...

"hey girls! What day would work for pictures? I'm trying to set it up but we need a day. thanks! :)"

5 min later...
Lizzie: What time?
Cuc: what pictures?
Calsta: When did this happen? Pictures? What?
Fitz: I just can't do it on Tuesday. Thursday sounds good
MiniK: I have the bowl games on Thursday and Friday but betwew (times) should work.

Thoughts in my head....
Where are LB and Schmecca?

I text back and long conversations ensure. My brain is hurting by now...

5 hours later...
Schmecca: I have voice on Wednesday at 4.

10 hours later...
LB: Any day works for me dearest! :)

Next day....

I talk to Fitz and decide on a day an color. One advantage to this- you get to pick the color you want. :)

I text:Okay, the verdict is in. Pictures are Thursday at 2 o'clock. Color is blue {darker blues}. and it will cost five dollars. anyone completly opposed?

5 min later:
Fitz: hm...I don't like the word thursday....i'm opposed. {I roll my eyes hoping she's kidding...she is}
Lizzie: Works for me!
Cuc:Why five dollars?
Calsta: That works! Does it have to be dark blue? Are jeans okay?

My thoughts...______blank_____ My head hurts. Where are LB, Schmecca, and MiniK? This is going to be a long morning. Wish me luck....
 End of story.

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Fitz said...

Haha so for some reason I decided to reread this post...not so sure why. But I am SOOO happy I did :) Funny thing is, is that i TOTALLY remember this. And my text back, so funny, and so me :) So yes I just thought you should know how greatly I enjoyed this.