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So, good or bad first?

hm... lets' go with the bad news bears first, then we can kick them out without a fear of them eating us. :) And anyways, this ends up happy. :)

So, do you even suddenly have like this terrible feeling that a huge hole has been made in your heart and it's never going to get better? I know it sounds stupid, and lame, and so stereotypical, but I seriously felt exactly like that today! Long, long, long story. So I felt like this, and it was terrible. And I was doing chemistry homework which probably didn't help....but that's super beside the point. So I wrapped up in a warm blanket and sat at my desk doing my homework trying not to cry, and talking to Mr. R. He finally got it all out of me on why I was feeling so terribly hurt and helped like.....five zillion times over, just like he always does!I felt like giving him my heart at that moment cause he seriously pretty much saved it from total and utter despair! See, I told you he's a life saver of a friend! p.s. I love this picture. :)

So onto the happiness, cause after my little sad episode, I sure am happy! Reasons?
#1 We're going to buy a Christmas Tree!

#2 This cute cute thing I found {here} which is now a favorite blog of mine! This is a proposal caught on {camera} film and it about made my heart die it was so cute! {I should proabably be more careful with that heart of mine....it seems to be in danger lots! haha}
#3 My Wedding song was on the radio today as I was driving around! it's now the song of the day! :) It's called Then by Brad Paisley. :) Find it {here} LOVE love love THAT SONG! It for sure will be the first dance at my wedding. :) It's sooooo cute! :)

#4 Today in english I had a scene from Pride&Prejudice stuck in my head! not.even.kidding. Funny thing is, it's the scene I dislike the most! Except I learned to love it from Mr. ACK because he taught me how very important it is to the story! I still kinda loath it though.... cause it has Caroline Bingley in it and I LOATH her!!!{loath.loath.loath}

5 I stole this adorable wedding picture from facebook. I just thought it was soooo cute! GAH! I can't even handle it! Don't worry, I know the bride in the picture! I'm not that much of a stalker! Kay, maybe I am... but that's a different story. :)
#6 I just love thinking about weddings and getting married so it automatically makes me so so very happy thinking/seeing anything at all cute and related to getting married. I know, I need help. I've been told that only about a gagillion times, don't even worry.

#7 Winter Formal is still soooooo super close and I'm still sooooo excited! you don't even know. Mr. R and I will knock your socks off because we do so well at the picture scavenger hunt! :) plus, our pictures will be the best!

#8 There are officially only 18 days left in our countdown! Praise the sweet heavens above! :)

#9 I found this:hm.... can you say heart melting??? {once again with the heart...} I love this for two fold A. It's just soooo super cute B. I totally agree with it. You have no idea, it's the very best. :) and sooo edorable! And I love it when boys are adorable!

#10 I also found this which reminds me sooo very much of my very good friend, Ego Boy, cause he's seriously OBSESSED with pokemon. hahaha. Made me rofl.
and this one cause he loves pancakes....

And here is a picture list of things I'd much rather be doing right now and what I'm thinking. :)
I want to do this-->
but preferably not alone, with someone, cause then it's cute and romantic. :)
Have I ever mentioned that I'm pretty sure I need some help? Also, I'm now officially positive I have a very bad case of wanderlust. Oh well, I love it. :) And these quotes pretty much sum up my thoughts right now:
When love is not madness, it is not love.
-Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Let your love be like the misty rains, coming softly, but flooding the river.
-Malagasy Proverb

Do I love you because you're beautiful,
Or are you beautiful because I love you?
-Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, Cinderella

Oh my, what is a girl to do??? :)
Love always,

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