Gettin in the Business

#1) Have you ever given people secret little tests? Ya know the type that you set up in your head and then set different objects that the person must accomplish in order to pass your test? I'm sure you have cause I'm almost positive that everyone does the same thing. Since I'm expert secret tester, I've had three tests going this week on four different test subjects. Would you like to know the sad thing? THEY'RE ALL FAILING. Which in turn is making my self-esteem lower (not really), which in turn is making depressed (haha.JOKE), which in turn, is going to bring about something dreadful-I haven't gotten to what that dreadfulness is yet.... It also seems, that the worst secret-test-takers are always boys! I mean, when they take pictures like this.....
It's only expected. Who in their right minds would take a picture like this and then leave it on the girl's camera to blackmail back to you in the future? Only a failure of a secret-test-taker. So boys (assuming you read this blog), I would suggest you GET IN THE BUSINESS and learn how to figure out the girl's secret-tests. Trust me, theyt're testing you pretty much everyday.  And no, not all the test-takers are boys, or are they? 

#2) Welcome to the life-plan of EKB. Yes, I have it all figured out. Here it goes. 
Year 2010: 
Caleb Leaves on his Mission 
Successfully complete 2nd semester of Junior Year
Win the race for a certain position in stuco 
(it's still under the wraps as to what I'm running for. If you know, don't tell.)
start SENIOR year
Go through 2nd semester of Jr. and 1st semester of Sr. with straight A's 
Apply to the one and only BYU 
Year 2011: 
Hopeful acceptance to BYU (If not, I have no idea what's going to happen...) 
Summer Semester of BYU with mayor in either English or Public Relations (maybe a duel major? Major in one minor in the other?)
Fall Semester BYU
Lots of fun dating and BYUness
Year 2012
BYU spring
Caleb comes home from misssion! 
Study Abroad Summer? 
Study Abroad Fall?
Study Abroad for a year? (so many options)
Year 2013
This will be when all my High School guy friends will be returning from their missions and I have not planned after this, well not in specifics. :) But here's the general plan:
I'm a freak and want to marry somebody from high school- NO I do not know WHO yet, I just think it'd be super adorable. It may happen, it may not. 
I want to graduate and open up my own Event Planning business. :) Weddings, parties, etc. :)
Of course kids will come, and life will go on but I'm just going to let that play out for now. No use planning everything before I know nothing. :) But I'm Excited. 
Life, I love you. :)


#3. I LOVE it when English teachers give you an assignment that you actually CANNOT wait to start working on. :) That happened to me and I'm just crazy wanting to start it. So even though it's not due for 6 days, I'm starting it TODAY. :) I'm gettin into the business. :)

Life is great, Love it. :) 
Love Always, 

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rachel schlappi said...

okayy i love you.
and don't stress about not getting into BYU

they love stuco people and will accept you no matter what

and you're smart so you don't even need stuco

you definitely will get a schalrship let alonee get in!!