1. Trail Mix has way  too many raises and almonds in it and not enough cashews and m&ms. (the peanuts could also use some toning's not all about you, peanut)
2. House Alarms=No Midnight Sonic Runs=Worst thing ever invented
3. Just Dance sounds rather fun....
4. I'm rather excited for Texas....legitly
5. I am going to read like FOUR books this break! 

6. Cuddling is the best thing ever invented! 

7. I love the color yellow.
8. I need a name for my wedding-planning business
9. Trail Mix definitely needs more m&ms (again)
10. I need Just Dance.... and to pack....
it's one a.m.
Business has just started. :)
Now, Jane Austen.....
Or Nicholas Sparks.....

Love Always,

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