Legit Wrong

Something is legit wrong with me...... We had a vocab test in English today. I finished. Turned in my test. Took out a half-notecard. And started doodling.... wedding invitations. Yup. No Joke. I guess my only consolation is that I want to be a wedding planner/graphic design artist so it's ok. Right? Sure. Anyway, since I'm on the subject, I'm going to dig into my 'Weddings' Desktop file a pull out some of my favorite things.

 I love the bottom picture sooo much!
 Just legit cool.
And Calligraphy is absolutely gorgeous.

I have like five billion others but... they're all saved for me! :)
But it is Spring Break.... THANK HEAVENS!
I Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
p.s. Yes, the invitations were super cute. :)
p.p.s. All pictures are from my fave wedding blog {greenweddingshoes}

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Amanda said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE green wedding shoes. if something is wrong with you for being obsessed with weddings, i've got the same problem. so don't worry about it! :) haha. but i loved those underwater engagement pictues! they blew my mind. i was obsessed for days.