Secret Obsession and Birthday!

So... I secretly have an obsession with quite a few things. Like..... guys who wear nice cloths. I love it when guys are dressed well.  But more importantly..... Mormon Bachelor Pad. Yup, I love them. And I especially love how everyone  seems to hates them. Pretty sure they're all just jealous. And if I had money, I would so totally buy one of their shirts. But I'm totally broke. Sad day.

But on a different note! It's my one of my long-time friend's birthday!

Lindsay and Jessika with some hott efy boy? Random ya, but a cute pic of Jessika! (She's on the right)
Top Ten Jessikaness!
1. Jessika is more than likely the greatest song-writer ever! Don't mess with her!  
2. Jessika is super funny. Sleepovers never got so good!
3. Jessika is  so super sweet! Everthing about her=kindness and love. :)
4. Jessika is freakin gorgeous! Just look at her!
5. She's a cross-country runner....this also translates into  Emma idolizes her and worships her yet still is totally confused about how she loves to run distance
6. Jessika is  going to be a massage therapist. Mmhhhkay....sign me up. :)
7. Jessika  is very genuine. Even if that means being a bit ditzy at times- I still love her. :)
8. Jessika taught me everything I need to know about videogames. Yup, we were nerds.
9. Jessika has an amazing smile and laugh and I love to see and hear them. :)
10. Jessika has a song to spell her last name. How much more legit can you get?! 
Oh, and "it's Jessika with a 'k'"
Pretty much, I adore this girl to all ends of the earth. Not even kidding. She's so super nice and smart and just bundles of joy to be around. I hope her 17th birthday is amazing because she rocks-like the Flinstones. :) 
Have a Fantabulous day!
Love Always,

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rachel schlappi said...

hey weird.
i love her too!!