Randomness attached to an Update!

Well, I'm pretty sure this post was due about exactly a month ago... But here it finally is! Sadie's Day Activity 2010! SOOOO fun! We did Iron Chef and Aaron and I pretty much made the rockinest French Toast the world has ever seen-nbd. :) Sadly, we didn't win any awards, but we were cool with that because let's face it... we're just cool in general. Aaron is an amazing date and I'm so excited for our actual dance tomorrow night! BOOYAH! :) {p.s. I was pretending to be a cowgirl last weekend. :) }

Aren't we 'Cute as a button?' :) 
Ya, we're the best. NBD. 

Our Awesome team! So... I don't know what's up with me and thumbs ups.... sorry I'm a freak!

This is our Banana-stuffed muy delicioso French toast that won nothing.... And obviously, you can see why we didn't win for our plating job. But golly did it taste good! 

mmmmmmkay. Meet the YUMMIEST Banana Bread in the world! 
{it's the back middle plate.} Hannah's mom is officially the only banana-bread-maker that I like!

Sweet Childhood friend, Josh and Naomi. 
Oh wait...
they have dead cat as their secret ingrediant. 
They're kinda freaks, but I still love them. :)

Adorable Becca and her cuper tall date: Cookie. :)

ok... Naomi and I like to take weird pictures... like this and like.....

this. Yes, don't worry, i totally look like a creepster, I'm aware. But thanks for pointing it out again. :)

That's the day activity! Life has been crazy wonderful and amazing! We have a Masterworks concert on Tuesday and I'm super excited! Weird much? yes. We also had an orchestra concert last Tuesday, as in the second, and it went very well. And now we're doing The Overture to Rob Roy and I actully practiced today! WHA?! ya. what's this world coming to?
But here's frustration! Neither Youtube nor Google have Rob Roy Overture so that I can listen to it! Like really, how uncultured can you get, youtube? 

But today Namoi and I chilled, had some good times at Sonic and Walmart and driving around with the top down. mmhhh. :)

It was most certainly a bun day today, cause I'm obsessed with buns! yup, love 'em. 
This is actually a cute pic of us.... 

But this is what we normally look like. :) 

And so here is the randomness:
Did you ever realize that men created lip gloss? mkay... let's think about this. Now the world makes sense as to why lip gloss always tastes so good! You selfish-men you! And this is legit! I looked it up on google and it totally was invented by a man! WHAT THE HECK?! So if you're a guy, I'd kinda be interested in your opinion! Gloss or no gloss? And if gloss, what flavor? 
I honestly don't think that many guys read my blog...
but it you do, now is the time to speak up! :)

Love Always,


Anna said...

Ok... I love this post. Mostly because you're with my cute brother and you guys look great and I hope the dance is/was so much fun!

Also, about the lip gloss... I think guys hate it when you wear lip gloss because when you kiss them, they get all sticky and it is just stickyness everywhere! get my drift?... well that's my opinion on that...

P.S. love your blog :) for reals!

Laraine Eddington said...

I love the pictures and wish I could eat some of your french toast right now.