We Left Sadie in the Jungle!

Sadie is officially on safari untill next year! :) Sadie's was last night and Aaron and I had sooo much fun! We looked fab, of course, and pretty much rocked the night away! Dinner was at my house and coked by all the girl's with the main yumminess being Cuc's Dad's ribs. mmmyum. :) At dinner we sat by Naomi and Josh and got some pretty interesting pictures....
Like Naomi eating her ribs and.....

Josh Killing something with super evil eyes....

But who really cares about them? Aaron and I were the cute ones lost in the jungle. :)
We went to the dance after dinner and took pictures (Aaron and I recreated Tarzan meeting Jane) and danced like mad people! It was bomb-diggity fun stuff! And we even got a slow song and Aaron was super impressive with his way good ballroom dancing skills! :) Then we went and had a yipy-ki-o hay ride and bonfire down in good 'ole Lehi! So very much fun in the little sprinkling rain! :)
We both kinda look a little  bit tipsy....so just ignore that and no it was fun. :)

And Naomi and I had to get a cray one of course. :)

So Sadie's was most definitely a success and I'm so glad I picked Aaron to go with me! He was soooo much fun and a very excellent date! Opening all my doors and etc. :) So that's the lo-down on the hoe-down. Even though ti was a safari.... whatevs! It was so very fun and Aaron and I were the coolest! :)

Love Always,

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Anonymous said...

dear EmmmAA!
Okay you are the CUTEST girl ever!! thank you for your comment! haha i love my fellow bloggers! haha anyways i LOVE you and your BLOG! its pretty much adorable! and the assembly was great fun, haha im so excited for next year! and best of luck to you in the election! you'll do awesome!