I'm going to be a bit adventurous here and become an entrepreneur! Man, that is a very hard word to spell! Here it goes! So, I'm a, how do you put this, casual scrapbooker. Meaning I enjoy crafts and scrapbooking and am half-way decent at it. I've done some things for people in the past and am wondering what the response would be if I allowed personalized orders to come through. Here are a few samples of past invitations and etc.
So I've done invitations, signs, programs etc. And I'd love to make some for you... the grand 24 people who follow my blog! :) If anybody is interested you should email me at emmakbarton@gmail.com and maybe we can work something out! If not... then, my entrepreneuring failed, but whatevs! It's worth a shot! I have a weekend update coming soon! So be patient! :) 

Love Always,


Anonymous said...

I want you to make me some little cards that we can mass produce for when I leave. Some little cards that tell people where to mail stuff to and that jazz. That would be cool.

You are good though! I like the idea. But if you are serious about entrepreneurship, I just took Bus 372, Basic Entrepreneurship Skills, here at BYU and it was the biggest waste of time of my entire life. So never take it.

Love your brother.

Anna said...

Emma! You're so cute and so good!! I love them! I'm not in need of anything quite frankly... but these are so good and I think you should definitely pursue your entrepreneur-ing!

Katelin said...

so..random..and mildly unrelated to this post BUT..I didn't know that Jessica Alder (as I know her anyways..it's west now I suppose but anyways..) had a baby. I didn't know she was even pregnant. Anyways..that is all. So, what did it end up being? :)

rachel schlappi said...

wanna do my graduation announcements???
wait i'm serious/half serious

my moms wants me to make them... buttttt i don't want to!...