BIRTHDAY! {plus funny story, plus random, of course.}

{aka as Naomi}
It was this amazing girl's birthday on Tuesday. So in honor of her, I have a top ten list of reasons why I love Naomi. {but believe me, there are way more than ten reasons why I love her to pieces!}
#1. She is an absolutely AMAZING friend. I know it seems like I say this with everyone but this is 250% true! 
#2. We have PARALLEL lives! Not even kidding. When it comes to boys, when it comes to personalities, when  it comes to things we love to do, it's all EXACTLY the same!
#3. Her laugh. Kills me. Especially when she snorts... ha! Favorite. :)
#4. She's gorgeous! Did you scrutinize that picture up top? Um ya.... Hi amazing pretty lady filled with gallons of beauty!
#5. She's crafty beyond anyone I know and I'm so envious of her mad skill in all things pertaining arts/crafts.
#6. She likes to take pictures, and she's super great at it!  And she can edit her pictures like it's nobody's business. Fabulous? I think so.
#7. She has the fashion touch and taste that I most definitely lack. She can make things you never thought would look cute, look magnificent! Jealous of that too.
#8. Our inside jokes are the best thing on the planet.... haha. So many, so many. {magic pencil, string, fan clubs, Brad.... hehe} 
#9. She will probably be famous one day for singing, cause she's super fly at singing! 
#10. We always hug, and it's the best thing ever. :) And the best thing is to see Mr. Schreiber's face when we hug each other in Choral cause it's a bit smug and totally says, "I love how you meet your best friends in choir". It's makes me laugh. And then we walk through the orchestra room and get the most confused face from good 'ole T-dawg cause we're singing Lion King at the top of our lungs. HA! PRICELESS.

Pretty mush, I adore her to the ends of the earth. And if I was super cliche I would say she's me bffaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaea. Oh wait, I just did... Oh well, it's the truth! :) Love her to death! 
 {love this girl!}
So now you want the funny story, right?
right. :)
Scene: MVT parking lot right after school, back row where Emma/Naomi/Josh always park. Naomi and Josh have just reached Josh's car and Emma is waiting the girls she is taking home. Ready, set, ACTION.
Naomi: I LOVE YOU EMMA!!!!! {she screams as josh backs out just a little as she's trying to get in the car}
Emma: I LOVE YOU TOO!!!! {flash the I love you sign. Naomi is sitting in the car with the door open, window down, leg on the window}
 Emma: Can I hitch a ride Josh?
Josh: Sure! 
Emma: I think I'll just grab on the outside, ride all the way home, maybe run into that truck...
Josh: Hop in the back of the truck! 
Emma: Oh ya! Ready, set, DIE! {motions fake jump into truck} You're really just trying to kill me Josh, thanks.
Josh: Ya, that's my evil design.
{Emma sticks her head into the car to see who is in the awesomness carpool}
Emma: Dude! fun carpool! 
Naomi: Ya, we're the bomb.
Emma: Maybe I should go wait for mine... I'm giving Cali and Jordy rides home but I don't...know....were...they...are.... {scanning parkinglot} Ok, I think I'll jump off.
Josh: Ok! { as he keeps going}
Emma: Or I'll just jump off while you're moving... bye!
{Emma jumps off and completely falls to thr ground, sufficiently scrapping her elbow, and shoulder, but no holes in the cloths!} 
Naomi: laughter
Emma  through laughter/embarrassment and still lying on the ground: hahahaha. Ya! Wow, I'm cool! Ok, I'm going before I make more of a fool of myself! Bye!
End of scene.

Yup, that's what went down in the parking lot. I knew Josh was trying to kill me! ;) Needless to say, it was very funny and rather embarrassing considering that pretty much the entire population of Mountain View saw it. Oh well, It's nbd. :)  Pretty much, I rock at life. and I'm not joking. :)

And here is the randomness, I love the rain! 

And I'm kinda in love with my David Archuleta/Taylor Swift/Michael Buble/Wicked/Into the Woods playlist I have going right now. Random much? Totally. 

And I MEGA LOVE birthday baptisims for the dead as a new Naomi and Emma tradition. The.Best.Thing.Ever.
 I am content.
That is all. 
Have a wonderful day!

Love Always,

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