I'm in dire need of two things right now......

#1. Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt
(is this not the best pic ever?!)

#2. CLOTHS. 
Vintage, Goodwill, and J Crew. 
(Ain't this a quaint Goodwill?!)
{Tell me he's not attractive and I'll say,

I have a J Crew problem.
And I just found my new favorite site....

That is all.

Love Always,

p.s. anyone want to donate to the help this problems go away? :)


Ally said...

allow me to donate to the golden spoon cause considering i do work there and could TOTALLY hook you up... just saying. and also. i need clothes too. maybe we should not buy anything else in stuco all year and use the money to go shopping. good plan! love you!!

Ally said...

dear emma
so there is this girl named ally.. and she can help you with one of your problems. so maybe i work at golden spoon. and maybe just maybe i could hook youuu up. so g-spoon problem solved. your welcome :)
love yoU!