It's a Wonderful Life

I don't know how much better life could be today.
Not that I have some miraculous story of a knight on a white horse coming to sweep me off my feet, or even a Mr. Knighlty to sweep me off my feet. But ya know what? 
I'm A-OK with that!
Because my train of life is tootin' along with a happy song in the smoke-pipe.
And I've been on a Christmas Music in the morn, and Country music at night, and it is a extraordinarily lovely combination. 
I am, in general, in love with life.
I hope you are too! 
And if not....
talk to me, I'll help as best I can. 

Love Always,

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7upkels said...

What a wonderful little blog you have here, and what a beautiful post. I think I remain in love with life until I fall in love with a boy, in which case, when that does happen, I will have to be in love with both :) I will definitely be coming back!