No One is Alone

I believe thinking you're alone is the worst feeling.
Everyone should have someone to turn to.
A hand to hold on to when times turn fatiguing, 
and a shoulder ready for the soppy tears that are sometimes about nothing.
Equally as bad, is the feeling of knowing a friend needs you, but you can't do anything and they won't admit it.

But the best feeling, is knowing that someone is there for you.
To know that they're offering their heart, and friendship-something that can so easily be broken-brings a certain fulfillment and indescribable joy.
And to extend that hand, and feel the grasp of someone needing you, brings humility and peace knowing you can change a life.
I believe we all can change lives. 
I believe smiles are contagious, and once you realize all the goodness in life, it is impossible to be disheartened.
The sun can bring the greatest happiness, and the moon and stars the greatest wonder.
Realizing that you're so small, but that you have so much potential, is a blessing that I believe everyone deserves to discover.
And a friend to help you see that,
is more precious than anything the world can give.

Love Always,


Emily Sue said...

so sweet. i agree with this all. loved it! you are amazing.

Tunes & Spoons said...

i agree! For me, this person is my husband. He's stuck with me no matter what...and that makes me the most UNlonley gal around!

The Barton Family said...

Hope you have a super fantastic birthday!