Speeding Ahead...

 {winter formal 2010}
Next week is my last week of the semester. I'm halfway through my senior year, and all the anticipation of graduation is now turning into moments of holding tightly to every memory- not wanting to forget my final year at home.

It's hard to sit here and imagine what will be happening next year. The friends I won't see everyday, the new people who will be in my life...

As I sang Candlelight Carol at my last holiday dinner tonight, I couldn't help but take in everything around me. The heat from the candles rising in the air, the quiet sniffles of my fellow seniors, the wet eyes across the audience, the smiles on all the friends who have blessed my life these past three years. Life is crazy, but so blessed.  Choir changed my life, it brought me to my best friends, expanded my adoration of the universal language, and strengthened all my beliefs.

And it's all going to change so soon. For now, I will treat every day as something that I can never return to, because I can't. And I'll remember everyday all the things I have to be thankful for, and all the people who have changed my life and made me who I am today.

Love Always,

p.s. a winter formal post is coming soon.


Sands said...

Aww, first of all, you look gorgeous in that black and white picture. I wish we had formals at my university. But no. We only have crappy drinking parties, haha.

And I get what you mean by holding onto your memories. But remember, sometimes change is good. :)


Rachel Schlappi said...

i remember this time... It's sad but so fun!!