That is how I feel about my wonderful winter formal date, Zac Velarde.

Here's the deal with Zac.
-Fellow Hopeless Romantic
-Ridiculously Attractive
-Captain of the Soccer Team
-KEEPER of the soccer team
-Half Mexican.

Yes, half Mexican had to be part of that list because he makes really good quesadillas as he demonstrated to me today at lunch. Overall, he's a really amazing guy and the best date I could ask for. Not even kidding. I am so very happy we were finally able to go to a dance together after missing 4 opportunities. I was a very lucky girl that night- he even drove my car because I hate driving but it was girl ask guy so I was obligated to drive.... Oh, and did I mention he can rock monkey footy pajamas like it's his job? He can. I'm so delighted he is one of my best friends because life just would not be as grand with out Zachary in it.

Love Always,


Chloe said...

Emma, these pictures are way too precious. You look beautiful and he is a pretty cute boy! I am so glad you had a great last winter formal with him! I miss you! :)

nicole ...given said...


Anonymous said...
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Emily Sue said...

you look beautiful!!

Haylee said...

You both look so cute! I love the background of your pictures.